Tips and strategies for successful writing in the online classroom

The ability to communicate ideas viewpoints effectively in the online learning environment can prove quite challenging for the online student. It is not unusual for students taking online courses to spend a great percentage of their study time developing academic essays and postings. Lacking the ability to approach the instructor in a face-to-face fashion, the online student is confronted with the fundamental task of clear and concise communication. Indeed, many college students, especially those in the online environment, find the task of writing assignments intimidating, having either a lack of confidence or experience in their writing skills. Nevertheless, with careful preparation and dedication, the online student can successfully overcome these barriers and learn to write effective and concise essays, postings, and responses essential to the online classroom learning experience.

Organizing your workspace, accessing the abundant resources available to assist you, gaining insight into essential guidelines for writing effective online communications, and the process of approaching a writing assignment are discussed. Your ability to communicate your thoughts effectively, concisely, cohesively, and in a scholarly fashion has a direct influence on your capacity to succeed in the online learning environment. Remember, just as there are numerous approaches to developing writing skills, it is important that each and every student develop his or her own personal writing style, understanding as well that individual instructors will have specific requirements and guidelines influencing these style. Keeping these ideas in mind will add to your writing success in the online classroom environment.

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