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Online Tutoring Strategies

Online Tutoring delivery strategies must address issues relating to: online learner skills; online learning facilitation, tutoring and support; the effective and appropriate use of online learning materials; the use of computer-mediated communication tools to enable both peer-to-tutor and peer-to-peer interaction; as well as tutor strategies, skills and training. Often, online learning makes use of virtual learning environments, which then imply an extra level of complexity for the learner and additional problems of maintenance, communication and support for tutors.

In order to address some of these issues, Salmon proposed a model developed through action research. This five-step model provides a ‘set of constructs’ that can be used as a guide to online tutoring: providing Access and motivation for and of learners; engaging in Online socialisation with learners in order to enable participants to gain familiarity with the online environment; enabling and facilitating Information Exchange; facilitating and encouraging knowledge Construction through the designed environment; and finally providing scaffolding for Development of online skills and behaviours that enable learners to pursue their learning objectives.