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Online tutoring tools

Online tutoring has become one of the highest paying jobs available on the internet. One can teach in their part-time or full-time to maximize earnings. Websites provide tools which can be used to teach students residing across the oceans. Some of the tools that are frequently used to teach online are:

  1. AOL Instant Messenger
    Available for Linux, Mac & Win X, AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, has some unique features which make it suitable for online tutoring. The buddy list of AIM provides updates from friends & their social networks as well. You can watch videos right from the buddy list which make it suitable for voice, video & online chat. Also, you can send/ receive IMs directly from your cellphone.
  2. Google Talk
    Google Talk is the most famous tool today to chat in voice or in video for it provides video chat facility right within the chat in Gmail. Also, you can use Gtalk to interact with students or teachers.
  3. MSN Messenger
    MSN Web Messenger allows you to voice, video & chat online with students & teachers using your mobile phone or from within your Windows Live Hotmail if you are away from your home PC. It has general features of all of the messengers making it suitable for tutoring online.
  4. Skype
    Skype is the most important tool for tutoring online as it doesn’t require the other person to have a PC for interaction with you. Within minimal fees you can call students or teachers on their mobile phones or lanlines. Also, you can chat with them with voice & video features to maximize the potential of skype.
  5. Yahoo Messenger
    Yahoo Messenger also has inbuilt chat within Yahoo Mail which you can use to interact with tutors & students. And its famous messenger can be used to chat with voice & video and clear doubts.