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Study for your PMP exam with local and online tutors, online study guides, e-courses, boot camps, study tips, lessons learned by other exam test takers and our company, flash cards, reinforcement drill exercises, special memorization tactics, real world examples, mathematical project management formulas.  Find useful reference links, recommended PMP study paths for professionals on the go, for students looking for affordable study material.

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Search and compare prices from different highly available study resources on the market, conveniently listed by our company Tutoring Services, LLC on a single search engine site StudyGuide.NET/PMP-Certification, making it easy for future project management test certified professionals find effective PMP test prep materials

There is no secret that PMP exam is based on PBMOK

It’s not a secret that PMP certification exam covers major concepts of PMBOK, our company extracts multiple tactics explained by other PMP bloggers from multiple websites to bring students our company’s research findings for what type of Project Management study material is best for you, which one follows closely PMBOK framework, guidelines, processes, procedures.

Why being PMI recognized is not the only factor you should look for when preparing for PMP exam

Who is PMI recognized training provider and who is not, and why it matters for you the future PMP certification exam taker, and some instances where not being PMI recognized may not necessarily mean bad for your test preparation studies, since some study materials that we found on the market make use of high quality power point slides explaining real world concepts in a way that makes many PMBOK concepts easier to understand, even though vendor who is creating such study material may not be PMI accredited or partially accredited.

Exceptions do happen, and our company zooms in like a hawk into these exceptions for PMP educational products that indeed are high quality.  We create partnerships with such study vendors, place them on our central PMP certification search engine and delivers benefit value to students who are in the process of preparing for their Project Management certification exam.

Here is what our company Tutoring Services, LLC discovered during our Research

  1. Being PMI accredited requires mature organization and lots of money

Problem:  Not everyone has it…. but can be very good Project Management Trainers, therefore what that means is there are some trainers who are extremely great, but simply weren’t able to satisfy criteria of PMI where every single thing student does must be tracked, etc in order to deliver proof of 35 hours.  However,when we talk about tracking student’s progress this requires expensive LMS systems and structure of content knowledge that not every instructor has extensive expertise of.

Yet the PMP test prep resources provided by some of such study vendors are extremely high quality, because some of these trainers really know what they are talking about, and worked in the industry for many years adding tremendous amount of value from real world examples, but simply not equipped with the right instructional technical knowledge to satisfy PMI requirements.

That doesn’t mean that such study vendors are not good, it just means that it’s challenging for such organizations, yet the concept they describe by leveraging real world examples are extremely effective in test preparation studies..  Knowing who these vendors are is just as critical as studying for your exam using PMBOK.

Our company constantly updating our site site with new test prep vendors who who bring real world example value benefits as potential resources to consider studying from for your PMP certification exam.

Note there are exceptions to some of such training vendors, where in fact they can get PMI approval based on specific licensing model, hence it’s important to know who these vendors are, because some of such vendors have real world examples listed insider of their test preparation bundle in a nice easy to follow organizational way structure that makes it easy to understand major processes and knowledge areas for PMP exam.

PMP exam focuses on Situational Real world Questions which require extensive understanding of PBMOK concepts

Plus we all know that entire PMP exam focuses a lot on situational questions, questions that require PMP exam test taker deciphering cryptic meaning behind how each specific process or project management life cycle or knowledge area is translated into real world example.

Gaining such level of expertise is not easy especially if you are not an experienced project manager without specialization and already worked in the field.  Especially it’s not easy if you are straight out of business school majoring in nothing but business, with no specialization.  (speaking of business check our Business Tutoring blog sites on how to pass pmp exam using top study methods described here)

Some of the PMP study guide resources we found on the market realize that not every student have such advantage of recognizing processes of planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and controlling, closure, knowledge areas, etc.   Plus there are different specializations depending on the industry you are in, therefore some of the PMP training vendors that we list on our PMP study guide search engine provide variety of real world examples, from different industries, including IT industry.

Having a central location to analyze all of these resources listed by our company from multiple PMP training vendors is ideal case scenario for future PMP exam test taker, making it easy to read through our findings, reviews, ratings, recommendations.  See which resource focuses on types of real world examples and seeing which resource is the best for you.

Companies look for more then just PMP certification, they look for IT specialization

If you are planning on attending interview with one of the organizations who is the process of hiring and thinking you can differentiate your self from other candidates and only have PMP certification, then twice before attending your interview.  Many companies do not care if you are PMP certified, however what they do care about is if you can neatly and conveniently tie in your project management certification into real world tactical IT example and present it to them during your interview.

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC has created some of our own examples and shared them with PMP test takers like you, but examples we provide are meant for real world conceptual understanding and PMBOK concepts and may not necessarily be applicable for your interview.

However good part about it all is that if you have an interview coming up you can take advantage of custom crafted set of 10 realistic IT examples in Network Engineering and Web Development, how they are tied into PMP PMBOK concepts.  We can share these 10 examples with you, some FREE sample PMP real world example based is described here.

You can leverage these PMP real world in web development and information security or infrastructure  examples for your job  interview and increase your chances of being hired, and no we are not asking you to use our examples word by word on your interview, but what we are saying is  you can review these 10 examples understand them and see how applicable they are for your particular job interview with respect to where you was working before and see if you can extract concepts shown in the real world example in context of your own journey. To request a copy of 10 real world examples contact us from contact form, small fee does apply for sharing  our 10 IT real world examples with you.

Top questions to expect on the Project Management interview

We realize that when you attend an interview it’s hard to answer questions, but one of the top questions interviewer ask is to share your style of project management skill set.  The question is how?  Typically interviewers ask for samples of your projects, but many of your projects maybe confidential, so your first intuitive answer is to say no to such requests.  Instead of saying No.  Play Smart and not like someone interviewer would not want to work with.   Saying no distances interviewer away from you.  Interviewer is looking for examples of your work.

Do not just show some examples of input and output processes, this will just make interviewer be more intimidated by your PMP knowledge skill set and end up making them feel uncomfortable, especially if they do no have PMP expertise.  Instead of doing that provide project examples, and how you leveraged your project management expertise in the previous job, demonstrate your style on practical example.

Note we understand that it’s hard to come up with such example especially if you have no real world experience.   Which is why it’s ideal for you to visit this site  and contact us to obtain top 10 IT real world examples and see how these examples linked to particular Project management concepts.   Interviewers do not care to look at your processes neither do they care about viewing any input or output charts, (if they do care, then the chances are you found the right company to work for as project manager, but the reality in many cases companies simply lack such type of people with PMP skills, hence knowing how to adjust your self in their direction to land the job is the key, our company Tutoring Services, LLC can help you with understanding such key methodologies to grasp interviewers attention and relate your real world expertise into meaningful interview)

We describe such key tactics in our 10 real world IT  examples for project managers.    Contact us on by sending us a message asking for these examples and we can share these examples with you for a small fee, linking back rigorous concepts of project management, increasing your chances of passing your project management interview.

Many times PMPs who come out straight out of certification training programs end up confused when applying for Project Management jobs

How is that even possible?  Well it’s simple after reading many PMBOK concepts you may get an expectation that everything in project management must be done the right way, and you happen to be the key person to make it happen, since after all you are the project manager, you are certified.  Don’t get that faulty expectation.  In many of the cases companies you may end up with simply want you to be agile, want you to be flexible and what you to chase up all the key stakeholders, go against the principals of PMP studies that you found in books.

Your inner self may object to that and think it’s not right, but use that to your advantage, and show your agility and show your flexibility in the right time in the right place and in front of the right people, use the right tools, and know who you are communicating with and how literate they are in PMP skill set.  The truth are, many companies care about business goals, your goal may not be from the start to simply ask company questions like, how is risk determined, or what measures success factors.

Many interviewers may find this annoying or think that you are trying to be more knowledgeable then them making them feel uncomfortable and may plainly end up thinking that you do not need the job.  As part of the 10 real world IT Project Management examples we will describe profiles of such interviewers and describe angles which you should chose when approaching some individuals increasing your chances of succeeding on the interview.

There are many books on the market that talk about how to interview right, how to get the job etc, however none of these books talk about PMP certification and how it applies to future project managers working in IT industry, showing solidified Information Technology example in IT Networking/Web Development/IT Security and project management field.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC , can deliver these 10 real world examples for IT Project Management Professionals that can do the following for you.

  1. Solidify your PMP test preparation studies, helping you reinforce your PMBOK concepts
  2. Be major ingredient during your PMP Study Path
  3. Improve your chances of passing Project Management Interview
  4. Solidify your Information Technology skill set in the world of Infrastructure and Web Development.

FAQ:  Will it help you gain the 35 hours  required for PMP exam by PMI?

Answer: No

Why?  Reason for that is because it’s not designed to be fully fledge single test prep resource for your PMP exam it’s designed to be rather supplementary, as part of your PMP test preparation study path.  Which is why we made this study resource less expensive then other information you find on the market.  Reason why it’s less expensive is because other resources are obviously ideal to study from to get the necessary core foundation, and simply because other PMP study guide resources such as PM boot camp, e-courses etc have tons of PMBOK specific info, in the form of flash cards, reinforcement drill exercises,  sample questions and tons of other info, hence they obviously would be more expensive,

However what other resources do not have is holistic analysis of realistic Information Technology and Security and web development case studies and examples, delivered based on our own lessons learned from DBA Binary Fusion company, and how they are translated into solidified PMBOK concepts.  Reading these examples can and will help you prepare for your PMP exam, but by under no circumstances is it designed to be your only source of test preparation studies for your Project Management Professional Certification exam.      Spending just a bit of extra money on these 10 extensive examples can improve your chances of passing PMP situational questions.  How ready are you to decipher situational IT questions for PMP test?  How ready are you to translate what each concept means?

Remember when going through PMP study materials on the market you will find abundant information that can take you tons and tons of hours to spend reading and researching if you were to navigate through all the blogs that exist out there.   Some materials maybe great fit for you while others maybe completely irrelevant, or slightly relevant to your studies.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps students decipher what exists on the market and what can help you study for your PMP exam.

Our company creates special tactics, sample FREE drills reinforcement quizzes, math formulas for PMP certification exam. and many other resources helping project manager professionals with their test prep studies.   One of our special tactics is suggesting study paths to students who are in the process of preparing for their PMP certification test.  This tactic involves, researching relevant blog sties, lessons learned by other exam test takers, partnering up with other PMP test taking providers, listing this information on our search engine sites and conducting further research in project management community helping student succeed in their studies.

Throughout our blog sties you will often find us referencing students to multiple real world examples and how it’s important to understand PMP concepts from such real world examples.  10 IT real world examples for Project management professionals can be your supplementary resource for these real world examples.    Think of it as a pill for your success, kind of like when you take a pill to reduce pain.  Basically think of study path recommendations are like study tactics or treatment to your test preparation suffering.  The more the pills you take the better, you just have to know which study pill to take.  If you take too many you may get allergic reaction.

What do we mean by that?  What we mean is that there is a lot of inconsistent information for PMP exam across multiple blog sites, that can lure test taking candidates into maze of inconsistencies, our recommendation is to always have a read through PMBOK when studying for your exam, not doing so can guide you in wrong direction.  You must fully understand the concepts on PMBOK, our best advice is read PMBOK once then after that go through some study paths, and come back to it and re-read again, before taking your PMP test.

Think of these 10 real world examples as one of your PMP study path tactics.  Where

Step 1. You can one obviously read PMBok,

Step 2. Read Rita’s book our review provided here.

Step 3.  Solidify your training with Phillip Joseph video course or more effective way to prepare for your PMP exam is to jump into PM Boot camp, self guided option for students on the go, lock your self in the room gain access to 90 days and go through this PMP boot camp before exam.  Just don’t get too stressed out when studying for PMP exam using boot camp, since it does have a lot of reinforcement materials that can make it seem overwhelming.  Hence spread out your study load.

Step 4.  Request Tutoring Services, LLC through contact form for 10 real world examples, note examples we provide are in IT Web Development and Network IT consulting and Information security industry.

Other Project Management Study Resources that can help you kill multiple birds with one stone

Note on our PMP search engine study guide site we list other test preparation examples for PMP that are also targeted towards instructors and existing project managers, for example resources like project management templates, that can help project manager students and future project managers kill multiple birds with one stone, study for their PMP exam and leverage these very same templates to deliver professional looking projects, impressing their Boss or clients.    Note there are multiple editions available, professional edition, educational and enterprise.

There is even a bundle that includes both inter combination of project management templates, real world examples for variety of different types of industries, all concisely put together in a structured format covering multiple phases and even inter-linked back to PMBOK references making it easy understand each particular process and knowledge area.

Although it’s not meant to be the only study material for your PMP needs, it does indeed provide great level of advanced knowledge expertise and making it easier for PMP test taking students fortify their content knowledge skill set.    There is a professional version of real world examples that includes both templates and real world examples.

Although professional version is indeed kind of expensive, but reason why it’s expensive is because it handles multiple audience needs, it’s great for your PMP study, and perfect for reuse of the templates that you will surely end up using for your project management needs.  In fact our company DBA Binary fusion uses these very same templates to deliver web development, and information technology solutions for our own clients.

They do a good job showing it all in a nice easy to follow format, entire PMBOK structure type of formatting, and linking it to real world examples, PMBOK and concepts, plus it’s great for schools and universities or other companies who are thinking of creating project management courses and need to follow defined structure making it easier for lecturers to follow.

Note we would not recommend studying strictly only from professional version  since it’s not targeting student audience extensively as for example a PMP live class would or PM Training Bootcamp.

However we would recommend it to any students who want to reinforce their PMP test taking knowledge with these project management real world examples and leverage as part of the study path chosen, while simultaneously killing multiple birds with one stone, where by using these real world examples it would help you prepare for job interview, it will help you see how PMBOK concepts are linked holistically to each process and area, it would help you take advantage of these Project Management templates for your organization where you end up working in.

Plus if you already working for a company who agreed to pay for you PMP certification studies, then by leveraging professional version you can easier convince your Boss, that by purchasing professional version it can be not just great way for you to prepare for exam as additional method, but also great investment for your Boss also since templates can be reused on majority of the projects.  Giving tools and flexibility for your Boss to see higher value in investment into your test preparation studies.  To view list of templates and real world examples go here.


What happens if you simply was not working anywhere before?

However do have expertise in web development and IT  networking/security, but simply had no company give you a chance to prove it?

Well good news is our company Tutoring Services, LLC can give you that chance we also happen to have another doing business as company called DBA Binary Fusion under Tutoring Services, LLC umbrella that focuses in nothing, but Information Technology/Security/Project Management and Web Development sector where we do provide limited non-paid internship opportunities to students who do not have experience in project management in real world sector, but would like to gain some experience, beef up their resume and face real world projects, increasing your chances of landing your next Information Technology sector job.