Online Tutoring- Advantages and Challenges

It is not necessary that every student have identical learning capacity and understand each and every topic easily in classes. If you notice no one have same interest and also react on the things in different way, so don’t expect your kid to learn everything at school. It is very common that, you have to arrange tutoring service at your home so that your kid can cover the tough subject properly. But what would you do if you’re kid want some interesting and easy techniques to learn the subject fast. Online tutoring services are perfect for this objective.

We all know that home tutor boosts the morale of the students and cover all the topics that left by the teacher in the class. Apart from this, online tutoring services conduct one on one discussion session in which student can discuss each and every topic in detail with his tutor without any hesitation. No doubt, such online learning solutions works like a boon for poor students as they are not comfortable in asking solutions if they are confused with any topic. The tutoring services are also advantageous for the average students who work hard to score high but end up with average grades.

The main challenge associated with such service is, finding the right tutoring service provider who will be compatible with your kid and his schedule. It is observed that the learning methods vary as per the age and behavior of the kid. Ask your kids that what kind of tutoring services he is looking for and for which subject, what he expect from his tutor, etc. in order to narrow down your search. Online tutoring is an effective and efficient way to help your kids in their home work.

Advantages of Home Tutoring

Your child may need assistance while working on the projects as he is going through his high school years. The Home tutoring services are perfect to beneficial for all children regardless the level of his learning and standard. Getting online home tutoring services for your kids will offer you many benefits, even for you as a parent.

Today, we all are busy in our world. We hardly get time form our profession and family responsibilities for ourselves. You even don’t have time to spend with your children, so obviously helping him in his homework is almost impossible. Even if you are a home maker and help your children in his homework, you must have faced situation when you have to go outside for significant hours and your kids are waiting for you to help them in their projects. Hiring home tutoring services allow you to focus on your won work schedule and at the same time, monitor your child’s progress. Your Home tutor will provide you reports about what your kid is learning at school, where he/she is standing when it comes to home work and exams.

Don’t think that online home tutoring services are only for the students who are poor at learning, it equally helpful for an average performer to improve his grades. A home tutor assigns new and interesting exercises to the students so that they learn fast while playing. Such additional exercises help the kids to improve their skills and also learn new concepts without getting pressurized.

Why you should provide Tutoring Service Online?

Are you planning to become an online tutor? Congratulations!!!! You have chosen the right field.

The field of online tutoring service is not so old and still not properly explored. You can get numerous people who are not aware of such services and still struggling with their academic projects and classes.

The trend of online tutoring service is recently emerged, but growing at a rapid pace. Today, it is identified as a million dollar marketplace. So why not get the benefits of such a growing marketplace by joining it. If you have made your mind and searching for ways to provide online tutoring service, here are some factors that can help you out-

Define you own schedule– Online tutoring service providers generally work in flexible hours to cater the need of the children and meet the children’s schedule. Plan your schedule in afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Charge reasonable fee– no doubt, you have good knowledge and command on your domain, but as you’re new in the field, better to charge reasonable fee for first few months to play safe. If you keep delivering quality tutoring service, you will get many children as your student and your earning will also get increased as a result.

Stay connected– Make sure you have good net connection which can provide high quality and uninterrupted net connectivity which make you deliver the lecture from anywhere.

Update your knowledge Regularly- Being a tutor, you are supposed to have complete knowledge about your subject. You should keep checking the latest updates in your field to make your lecture more impressive and fruitful.

Online tutoring service industry has tremendous potential and can offer ample advantage. By providing such services, you will not experience self improvement but also can earn good amount of money.

Tutoring Jobs- Why it is in Great Demand?

Finding a right tutoring service for your kids in today’s cut throat competition is not an easy job. Availability of numerous online tutoring services has made the search easy and cost effective. Parents are now getting lost of alternatives to provide best tutor who can help their kids in his projects. Even the industry offers terrific benefits to the people who are looking for online tutoring jobs equally. Today, it has become million dollar industry and growing high over the years.

Many of you may even have question that whether such online tutoring jobs or services really works or its just outcome of intense promotion. For curious and aware parents like you, it is worth mentioning here that online tutoring services can really help your kids and provide following advantages-

In classrooms, there are lots of factors that might distract you kid from the learning process. This factor applies on both lecturer and student.

There are many kids who lose interest in studies because they face problem in learning on daily basis and due to presence of many students, teacher don’t pay special attention on them.

Learning also depends on the nature of student. There are some students who are shy and not comfortable in asking their problems in front of whole class. Online tutoring enables such students to ask their queries to their tutor in the comfortable environment of home.

Online tutoring jobs are perfect if you want to earn high without visiting schools or attending boring classroom.

Online Tutoring- What does it Offer?

Online tutoring is growing at a rapid pace. It is purely a house job and considered as a good income option for those who have great knowledge about subjects. IF you are searching for a work at home option and have a passion of teaching, online tutoring is perfect for you. You just have to deliver few fix hours daily to your students and resolve their projects or subject related problems. You can schedule your classes as per your convenience and it is the most important benefit of this service.

Obviously, you should have good presentation style along with the knowledge that generates interest among your students. You intellectual level, confidence and knowledge should simultaneously speak when you deliver your lecture. Earlier, Online tutoring were not taken seriously as parents require physical presence of the teacher but as the time and technology has changed over the years, online tutors are in great demand. Today, these noble services have miles to go and also have bright chances to grow high over the time.

All the students who are studying in the high school can get quick solutions to their problem related with the course, subject or project. It has become part of their daily life and enables them to schedule their project work according to their convenience. There are different models are planned based on the class and complexity of the project. If you are planning to opt online tutoring as your career, it is advised to polish your knowledge to meet the different requirements of a project.

Changing the Face of Education With Online Learning

Online learning is much more than simply getting tutoring and tuition over the internet. Educational experts agree that online learning is actually driving the evolution of education in the twenty-first century. That is one of the reasons why online teaching jobs are such an attractive prospect for many educators. Online teaching jobs appeal not only to people to create their own career, working flexibly from home, but to educators who can see the potential of online learning for changing the face of education.

Professor Chris Dede of Harvard University has been cited in the educational publication, ‘The Journal’, saying that online learning actually promotes thought, rather than just making information available. It fosters creativity, sharing and active engagement in education. He attributes this to the possibilities of the interactive platform of Web 2.0.

It was not very long ago that education consisted primarily of learning the contents of textbooks (sometimes by rote) and regurgitating that knowledge in an exam context. Many of us will remember the tedium of sitting alone for weeks before exams, committing endless facts to memory. Often most of those facts evaporated within days of sitting the exam or test.

The interactive nature of online learning using the Web 2.0 platform changes all that. Of course learners still need to get a grip on the facts and they will still have to sit down on their own to familiarize themselves with the materials. The bonus of interactive online learning is that it transcends mere memorization and helps develop a deeper understanding of a subject or field.

Simulations and computer game-style learning puzzles test more than memory. They encourage people to use their knowledge creatively in virtual scenarios. Discussion forums and wikis (where users can contribute to and edit information) are two examples of situations where learners must think through their contributions, rather than just repeating their knowledge.

Interactive online learning is not just about engaging with impersonal computer programs and websites. Discussion forums are virtual spaces for learners to interact with and learn from each other. Discovering other perspectives encourages learners to think through their own understanding of a subject and contributes to developing critical thinking skills.

As time goes by, all educators are likely to have to engage with online learning, irrespective of the kinds of teaching jobs they occupy. Teachers in schools are already being asked to participate in blended learning, where online learning complements classroom instruction. The impact of online learning is not something only of interest to those who have chosen to specialize in teaching jobs delivered purely online.

Online Tutors – How Can Promote Deep Learning?

A major survey of the effectiveness of online learning, conducted by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), recently suggested that it offers advantages for learners that surpass the benefits of face-to-face teaching in conventional classrooms. The study found that online learning encouraged ‘deeper approaches to learning’ than standard teaching. The findings challenged the persistent idea that classroom learning somehow always has the edge over online learning and education that online tutors and teachers deliver via the internet.

What is deep learning?

In 2005 Professor Thomas Laird described two approaches to learning: ‘surface’ and ‘deep’ processing. Cramming for exams is surface processing, with the emphasis on mastering facts ‘instead of grasping key concepts and understanding their relation to other information and how the information applies in other circumstances’.

Deep learning involves higher order, ‘integrative’ thinking. It means reflecting, evaluating, synthesising and applying what is learned. Students who are trained in deep learning have a better understanding, are able to see different perspectives and tend to achieve higher grades. The NSSE study suggested that people engaged in online learning seemed to be better versed in deep learning approaches than those in conventional education.

Why does online learning seem to have the edge?

The study’s findings are suggestive, but not final. It may be that the online learners surveyed were older and more motivated. It may also be that online tutors and teachers, aware of the issues created by distance, make extra effort to produce tutorials and courses that encourage deep learning. It is also true that online learners were only slightly ahead in the statistical analyses. Even so, the results cannot be ignored.

How online learning can also promote ‘deep learning’

One of the strengths and weaknesses of online learning, and one that exercises online tutors and teachers, is that it demands that students develop skills in independent working. That means the discipline and commitment to get on with the job but also the ability to think more laterally. The best online tutorials and interactive materials are designed to encourage student engagement through problem-solving and the development of study skills. This is very different from being provided with texts to work through and repeat in an exam setting.

Computers and internet communication make this easier in several ways, with online tutors providing interactive games and puzzles that encourage students to apply their knowledge in virtual scenarios being one example. Collaborative learning also assists deep learning. Interacting with other learners, perhaps from very different backgrounds, encourages learners to consider other perspectives and gain a more nuanced understanding of their subject(s).

The combination of independent working with guidance from online tutors, personalized attention and computer teaching aids all conjoin to provide learners with opportunities for developing the skills of ‘deep learning’, rather than memorizing or fact-oriented learning. Effective online tutors and teachers are aware of the difference and design their teaching materials and the attention they give to learners accordingly. As our understanding of the strengths of online learning improves, online tutors and educators are increasingly well placed to exploit the advantages of online methods in providing top quality education to an ever-larger number of students.

Online Tutoring For Younger Children

How old do school-age children need to be before they are able to benefit from online tutoring? Can a six or eight year-old benefit from online tutoring? One of the great benefits of online tutoring on a one-to-one basis is that tutors personalize their tuition to the skills and learning stage of their learners. But there has to be some cut-off point.

Online tutoring is unlikely to work for a four year-old, unless he or she is a child prodigy, and as a rule of thumb tutoring of young children is often better done face-to-face. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for online tuition for young learners, even those under six. After all, one of the benefits of online learning is that it can reach learners in remote areas, for whom little or no other educational input is available.

It is quite possible to deliver assistance with reading and simple math help, for example, and young children are often wonderfully receptive. But, if you want to offer your online tutoring services to young children, there are some obvious considerations to take into account.

  • Computer skills. It’s a joke today that even very young kids outstrip their parents when it comes to technological skill. Those who’ve been brought up with computer games and the like are quite capable of using computers. However, an online programme needs to be very carefully judged, since if it is too demanding it may be frustrating and demoralising for a young learner
  • Keyboard and mouse skills. Adults new to computers sometimes struggle with a mouse. Children whose co-ordination is not developed may find this a struggle. Any interactive materials need to accommodate this. On the plus side, computer use can help boost co-ordination skills.
  • Attention. Keeping young children’s attention can be a challenge – even if there is an adult with them. In fact, that can work to split a child’s attention two ways. Your content and delivery will have to be exceptionally engaging and carefully designed.
  • Reading skills. Any online tutoring of young children will have to be sensitive to this. Graphics and audio, as well as your supervisory inputs, can help you get round problems. For example, you can use screen-sharing for the learner to play games while you observe, advise and encourage using audio. Teaching very young children online is probably not ideal for beginners in online tutoring but for experienced tutors it is a niche worth considering. Many parents want to give their children the best start in life, educationally speaking, and there is certainly a demand for online tutoring aimed at developing basic skills, in arithmetic and reading. Busy working parents are increasingly aware of what their kids might be missing out on and online learning is a great alternative to sitting kids in front of the TV. For children who need a bit of practice

Teaching very young children online is probably not ideal for beginners in online tutoring but for experienced tutors it is a niche worth considering. Many parents want to give their children the best start in life, educationally speaking, and there is certainly a demand for online tutoring aimed at developing basic skills, in arithmetic and reading. Busy working parents are increasingly aware of what their kids might be missing out on and online learning is a great alternative to sitting kids in front of the TV. For children who need a bit of practice

Online Tutoring – Why should consider for your child?

Why you should consider online tutoring for your child When most of the parents hear the word online tutoring, they can’t quite visualize it, but when students hear the word online tutoring, they are intrigued. Online tutoring is a great way for tutor and student to communicate from computer to computer. Most of the online tutoring sessions take place inside an online classroom.

Several online tutoring services provide a whiteboard so words can be written or drawn with the mouse and keyboard. Only the best online tutoring classrooms provide voice over ip. This means both the student and teacher can speak through the computer as long as both have a microphone and speakers.

When the parents understands the concept of online tutoring, they are most of times amazed. Their children can ask any question and the teacher is able to walk the student through the complete problem solving process and help the student to solve every problem. This only communication is what most of the students desire to overcome learning obstacles.

In the classroom, most of the students are left behind if they don’t ask particular questions to help them understand what they are learning. Once a student begins falling behind, tutoring must be given to prevent failing grades. Most of times a personal face to face tutor intimidates students and still may not help.

Online tutoring helps to any student to get the full attention they want to without the intimidation factor. Students feel more relax learning online and the fact that every lesson can be printed is a great study tool.

If you never taken online tutoring, I suggest you give it a try and allow your children to learn online. The cost is generally less than a private tutor and you won’t have to drive and worry about scheduling problems. Your Kids can learn from any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

Many benefits of growing your Online Tutoring Business

When you enter the online market with the approach of the various ways to promote your online tutoring business, you will find a number of advantages are there to support your online business development support through the Internet. To be precise, online tutoring allows you to tutor from the comfort of your own home. How can we limit its services to these facilities? Frankly, it is not restricted to work in a very special moment because you can do it whenever you want.

Undoubtedly, online learning was a remarkable reputation among the masses and so, consequently, in the current scenario, some teachers have developed excellent and appreciated online tutoring services. So we can say that current students are an enormous enthusiasm for learning using online teachers. When it comes to getting the services of an online tutor, we can use them by more traditional methods of counseling, including private education, counseling and support services generally provided by the franchise.

If students of a primary school, secondary school or university, online tutoring provides solutions for different learning needs in the privacy of their home. Nowadays, the Internet is flooded with a number of online companies that are fully dedicated to helping students accompanied by video-conferencing, virtual classrooms, video camera, instant messaging and e-mail. These companies seek knowledge on a wide range of subjects and at different fees.

Many reputable online tutoring companies hire experienced teachers and other qualified individual to give to students on various subjects such as English, math, science; arts test prep, writing, etc. Frankly, you could have a good online tutor as you are enriched with an excellent knowledge and other skills such as communication and social skills.

Take advantage of online tutoring to increase your online tutoring business!